I qualified as a Podiatrist (Chiropodist) in 1991, since then I have worked with the NHS in Glasgow and then Carlisle. In 2004 along side this, I started in private practice in Dumfries with a home visit service and in 2013 I began a clinic based service. I enjoy my job greatly and my priority is to give you the best possible care, tailored to your individuals needs.

Appointment Booking


If you would like a clinic based appointment please call and leave a message, I tend not answer my phone when I am in the clinical setting and will phone and arrange a suitable time as soon as I am free to do so.
Unfortunately I can no longer accept new patients for home visits.

Treatment Fees


An initial assessment and treatment appointment is £48, with General/Regular appointments costing £38. However there is a scale of fees dependant upon the specific appoitment type. Please see the full list below for more information.

Specific Fees

Services / What to Expect

Your first visit will take a bit longer (approx 45 mins) due to the initial assessment. I will take a full medical history, so please bring a list of any medication you take. I will assess your circulation and a diabetic foot assessment will be carried out if required. I will assess your foot problems and provide an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment will also be carried out during this visit.

Treatment plans can include: Short intensive course of treatment to bring lesions such as corns to a manageable level. Advice on self care and annual reviews. General foot care such as nail care, management of corns/callus, thickened or ingrowing toenails on a regular basis (4-12 weekly intervals) to keep you pain free and on your feet. Appropriate advice/treatment with the diagnosis of infections such as verruca, athlete foot or fungal nails. Provision of condition specific insoles/orthotics, suitable for your needs and adapted over time if required. Referral on if other interventions are required such as nail surgery, in depth MSK assessment or the services of other health professionals.

If you are a regular patient, annual reviews/Diabetic assessments are part of your plan and included in your usual fee.

Specific Fees

Initial assessment & treatment = £48
General/regular footcare = £38
Nail cut only = £33
Occasional review & treatment = £40 (over 2 years = £43)
Diabetic foot assessment/no treatment = £30
Intensive /weekly = £20 -£30
Home visits = £40-£45